Capture Hotkey doesn't work under Vista

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Capture Hotkey doesn't work under Vista

Postby Andrew » Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:45 pm

Due to Vista's more advanced security settings there are cases where it can prevent other applications from capturing keyboard input. This is to prevent malicious key logger applications, but can prevent ViewletBuilder hot keys from working during screen capturing.

The easy fix for this, is to make sure ViewletBuilder runs with administrator privileges. Simply right click on the ViewletBuilder icon and select "Run as administrator"

If you don't want to always have to always go through this right click step, you can do the following to make sure that ViewletBuilder is always run with administrator privileges:

Right click on the ViewletBuider icon
Select Properties
Select the Shortcut Tab
Click Advanced...
Click the check box named "Run as administrator"
Andrew Branch

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