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Publishing options

Postby James » Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:54 am

Some people are confused about the publishing options for ViewletBuilder5+ since the menus are a little different from VB4.

I wanted to clarify that you DON'T have to publish to ViewletCentral. This is an optional hosting and reporting server that Qarbon offers which is also available in a Self-Hosted solution for customer who want to run this on their own server without any limitations. We allow you to sign up for a free account to host 2 Viewlets at one time for free with a small banner ad on playback.

For those who wish to generate the HTML and SWF files to host on your own server, you would select the 2nd default choice which is your PC (My Viewets folder). These are created for you by default, but you can also create new publishing locations by clicking one of the 3 choices (Join a Corporate ViewletCentral, Add a Local or Network Folder, Add an FTP Server). Once you click on these buttons, you can add a new publishing location for your HTML and SWF files.

To modify any of the publishing destinations, just click on the yellow pencil to edit and the arrows to reposition then order.


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