VB5 Tooltips are showing up Blacked Out

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VB5 Tooltips are showing up Blacked Out

Postby James » Mon Sep 17, 2007 10:45 am

A customer posted a support question:

I am running Vista Home Premium and Office 2007. I just downloaded and
registered ViewletBuilder 5 yesterday. I can’t view the mouse-over tool
tips from either the top menu bar or the right side menu bar.

We have found that certain custom display settings in Windows can cause Java not to handle them correctly.

The solution is to turn off this GUI in the VB5 settings.

Here are the instructions:

Load ViewletBuilder5
Select Preferences from the Edit Menu
Click the Advanced Tab
Click Change Java Settings
Type the following into the "Specify Additional VM options" text box


Then click OK and restart ViewletBuilder.

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