Printing slides while watching a Viewlet

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Printing slides while watching a Viewlet

Postby James » Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:17 pm

We had a question from a customer:

We would like to have a button within a slide open the print dialog box so a user could print a specific slide
and its content (I would use this with a pause zone)

If you create an OnClick event on that button and select the Javascript event, simple add the code below in the box and Apply.

Code: Select all

This works well in FF and IE. You will need to Pause your viewlet since you can't print a moving one well. Use of the Pause Zone is the best option.

You can Play the Viewlet again either from the Player Bar or by adding a navigation event on the slide to Play Viewlet OnClick for example (the image library has all the play buttons from VB4 that you can drag onto the slide and use)

You can also Right-Click on the Viewlet to bring up the Flash Player Menu and select Print, but the output differs from the Windows print.

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