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Postby Andrew » Tue Sep 04, 2007 2:52 pm

Here's a question we've had from several customers.

Can you tell me if I will be able to use ViewletBuilder to record applications running in VMWare?

Yes ViewletBuilder5 works very well with VMWare. In fact our developers use VMWare in house to test ViewletBuilder on different OS versions.

You have 2 choices.

Option 1: You can install ViewletBuilder5 onto each virtual machine that has applications you want to capture. Then just run ViewletBuilder5 as normal.

The main issue is activation restrictions. For example if you purchase a 1 user license, then you should only have one version of ViewletBuilder activated on a machine (or virtual machine) at a time. You can simply activate and deactivate it on the virtual machine when you're finished working on it.

Option 2: You can run ViewletBuilder5 only on the host machine, and not worry about activating and deactivating.

However you need to be aware that ViewletBuilder will only work in Manual Capture mode (not Smart Capture) and you will need to make sure the current keyboard focus is in the Host machine when you hit the capture key. Otherwise, the keystroke will be sent to the virtual machine and ViewletBuilder won't know it was pressed.
Andrew Branch

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