How do you stop the cursor path to insert explanitory slides

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How do you stop the cursor path to insert explanitory slides

Postby James » Tue Jul 03, 2007 1:22 pm

In ViewleBuilder5, the cursors are connected to each other from slide to slide (Green to Red, etc). We were asked how does one insert some Text/Intro slide in the middle of a tutorial and keep from having the extra cursor movement while it lines up for the next movement?

The answer is to go to the timeline and use the EYE to hide the slide element before the intro slides. What this will do is keep the path in place, but it will hide the movement. You can then insert some slides after this and introduce the next action...then when the next visible cursor slide is reached...the beginning point matches the end point of the one you hid...thus keeping the logic in place.

If you delete or move the cursor path on any affect the beginning or end points on other slides...its better to hide the movement than to delete a cursor unless you want that path point removed/skipped completely.

Something to note: When you hide the cursor path...its timing is still affecting the slide duration so when the viewlet reaches this will display for as long as the cursor and other elements equal. Since you planned to hide this cursor anyway, you can always decrease its time by grabbing the ends are shrinking the timing. This will leave the slide at the original timing...but now its adjustable to no shorter than the cursor element.


Postby rspencer » Thu Jul 05, 2007 12:15 pm

I had a variation of this issue. I have a project with two series of captured slides, separated by some other slides with different content.

The cursor position in the second capture started where the first left off, and it looked pretty dumb, as the captures were quite different.

I added a cursor to the slide preceding the second capture. It's starting position was the finishing position from the first capture. I made the finishing position the desired starting position for the next capture, and then hid the cursor.

This worked. I assumed that the cursor events would be unique to each group of captured slides, but they are tied together for some reason. The hidden cursor on the interim slide let me achieve the effect I was looking for.

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