Migrating from VB4 to VB5 (What should you know)

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Migrating from VB4 to VB5 (What should you know)

Postby James » Fri Jun 22, 2007 4:54 pm

Dear VB4 Users,

I think its important to go over a few Tips & Tricks as you play with VB5 since we've changed some of the "old" ways things were handled and improved them with the new version.

1) SmartCapture

Some important things to know about this new capture method is that its based on Mouse clicking as you walk through a process. Some of the things we are doing are capturing via animation all the button transitions and important effects that happen as a results of that click. We are also switching into full-motion capture when you hold down the mouse for Drag and Drop or Scrolling operations. Its important to note that the default is 2 frames/second..which does a good job, but you can drop it to 1 second or as high as 10 for a smoother action, but the trade off is a larger output file. If you need to go higher than 10fps...we have a way to bump that to 60 frames/second, but I wouldn't recommend that. If you need to capture additional frames during SC (SmartCapture), you can still hit the manual capture Hot Key that you setup too. You'll know when a screenshot is taken because the camera sound is still there.

Another important option with SC that you should be aware is the ScreenShot delay option. The default is set for 1 second...this means that after you click the mouse and we capture any animations, 1 second later a screenshot will be taken to capture the next screen. If you are creating a project and the application reacts very quickly, 1 second is perfect. If you are using a slow application or a web might find that SC is taking the screenshot while the page is loading up. For these situations, I would suggest increasing the delay to 1.5+ seconds. This will make sure your captured content is polished.

We are adding the annotations to your slides for CLICK HERE, DRAG HERE, SCROLL HERE, etc...which you can edit after if you want. In an upcoming point release, we will add the action as "Click FILE OPEN", etc.

2) Cursors

In VB4, the cursor animation happened between the slides and was always the last action. You also could only move the GREEN cursor circle because the red one was locked and indicated that this was the position of the cursor on the NEXT slide. If you wanted to make a change to the position of a RED circle, you had to move ahead 1 slide and adjust the green circle to change the red one on the previous.......

In VB5 we have given you more freedom with the cursors and allowed you to move both the green and the red (beginning and end) circles. The cursor action happens on the slide and visible on the NEW timeline. What this means is that you have FULL control over ALL the elements on each slide. If you move the red circle on Slide will automatically adjust the green circle on Slide 2 (if that makes sense). Some other new things you can do are add additional points to the cursor path and move those around too..even change the cursor at each point. For those who are familiar with he "blue" circle...we have maintained this feature in VB5. For those that don't know...the blue circle represents where the cursor changes on a path. For may have an arrow that turns into an hourglass...the blue circle would show the position when that happens. In VB5 you can adjust that as case you want to alter when it changes or even what cursor it changes too.

3) Timeline

More to come....


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