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ViewletCentral 1.9 Updates & Changes

Postby Rado » Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:27 am

With the upcoming release of ViewletCentral 1.9, we would like to give you an overview of the new features and changes that might affect the way you work with ViewletCentral. New tutorials are available to walk you through the changes as well, just scroll down to find the links at the end of this post.

  • Viewlet Privacy will allow you to toggle between the "Unlisted" and "Private" modes. While "Unlisted" works exactly as before (only those with the Viewlet URL will have access) using the "Private" mode, you will have fine-grained control over who has access to your content using Assignments (see below). Right now, it is only possible to toggle the privacy using the "My Viewlets" page once the Viewlet was published, but we also plan to add this option right to the Publishing Dialog of ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz. If you re-publish (update) an existing Viewlet, the Privacy setting is preserved.


  • You will be able to create "Assignments" for individual users or students. While you can create assignments for "Unlisted" Viewlets too, they will be most useful with "Private" Viewlets - in that case, only users with an existing assignment will be able to access the Viewlet on their "My Assignments" page. The "My Assignments" page will also allow students to track their progress, thanks to the "Attempted", "Completed" and "Passed" columns.


  • User tracking goes hand in hand with the new "Assignments" feature, and extends reporting information. If a logged-in user takes a quiz, their account information is paired with the reporting data. This, in turn, will allow you to monitor the progress and answers of a specific student using new, user-centric reports. Most of the reporting screens have been updated with the new "User" column, which will also allow you to click through to the "User Details" page and review all responses (to all Viewlets) of the particular user.

    User tracking

  • New "Reviewer" and "Student" non-authoring account types with a limited set of permissions are now available. A "Reviewer" will be able to access reporting data but won't be able to publish or delete Viewlets. A "Student" will only have access to the new "My Assignments" page. You will be able to create any number of these accounts. Important change that may affect you at (this does not affect self-hosted installations) is that authoring accounts ("Viewlet Author" and "Viewlet Author with Group Access") will also gain access to the "My Account" page. Those accounts will see a list of all users within a single subscription group, but will only be able to edit their own account information (email address, password or name).

    Acct Types

  • CSV export files will be updated to include new columns where applicable: the User ID, User Name, and Request ID. This may affect you if process CSV files with automated tools.

  • There are also numerous small fixes to the GUI and the back-end code, to name a few: Long Viewlet titles or email addresses will no longer break the table layout. Subscription information will be available under a new tab in the "My Account" section along with subaccount management. Select-all button will be available in the header of all tables.


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Re: ViewletCentral 1.9 Updates & Changes

Postby Rado » Tue May 06, 2014 6:28 am

In the latest release, ViewletCentral 1.9 x99, it is now possible to import user accounts from CSV files. This feature is especially useful if you need to create a large number of student accounts, and you have already their information stored in an Excel spreadsheet, or a database.


All you need to do is export your users into a CSV (comma-separated values) file. The Import Wizard will allow you to select one of two import strategies. First strategy relies on column order, the second on column headers. In the next step, the wizard will display a preview of the imported entries, and you will also be able to select the profile and group membership for the new user accounts.


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