Are you required to buy the software AND a monthly plan?

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Are you required to buy the software AND a monthly plan?

Postby James » Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:59 pm


This is often confusing for some people. I want to make sure everyone knows that ViewletCentral is an optional service for publishing your Viewlets. If you purchase a licensed copy of the software (ViewletBuilder/ViewletQuiz), you can publish these files to your desktop PC, Intranet, etc. You can also compile the Viewlet to report statistics back to you via our Email reporting feature in the compile properties.

We have a Viewlet in the Gallery that explains how you would post to this service from your desktop well as some of the tracking capabilities:

If you didn't want to purchase a license up front, but wanted to remove any watermarks from the demo copy or banner ads from a discovery account, you can purchase an Unlicensed Account for a monthly fee. For customers with licensed products, we offer a Licensed Account option for much less.

Although we don't list any pricing on the website, we do offer a complete self-hosted server version of ViewletCentral for unlimited flexibility and control over your projects. Please contact sales @ for additional info.


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