Question Randomization

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Question Randomization

Postby Qathy » Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:47 am

What sort of question randomization options does ViewletQuiz5 offer?

ViewletQuiz5 Professional offers the following authoring features to randomize questions on Viewlet playback:

Question Banks
This is a specific 'group' of question slides containing the SAME scoring mode stored in a unique bank. The project may contain several question banks with either scored (quiz) or not scored (survey) slides (quiz and survey slides cannot be mixed within the same question bank). Each question bank can contain one or more question slides.


Random Question
This is a specific type of question slide that works with question banks. The Random Question slide is essentially a placeholder for a question slide residing on the main timeline. It is configured to pull 'one' question from a specific bank. Each time the Viewlet is played, when the Random Question slide plays, it will randomly pull a question from the specified bank. So, each time the Viewlet is played, the question displayed when this slide plays is randomly generated from the question bank.


Choice Shuffling
Question slides offering learners multiple 'choices' from which to select a correct answer may have an option that, when enabled, will shuffle the order of the choices when the question slide is displayed to the viewer. So, each time a learner plays a question slide with choice shuffling enabled on the back end, the choices (answers) that they can choose from will be in a different order.


These features allow the Viewlet Author to integrate assessment options (in the form of quizzes and/or surveys) in their Viewlet AND automatically provide the learner with fresh content (where possible) when playing through question slides.


To learn more about Question Randomization, click here.

To learn more about Choice Shuffling for question slides, click here.

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