Timing Commands, Timing Rules...

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Timing Commands, Timing Rules...

Postby Qathy » Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:45 am

I'm trying to understand how default timing works and is applied throughout my project in ViewletQuiz5. Can you provide some more information on this topic?
Yes, you would be referring to Timing Commands and Timing Rules that ViewletQuiz5 implements on the back end with certain slide elements (by default) such as message objects, etc. Any of these can be superseded by you, the Viewlet Author, while editing your project.

There is a post in the ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise room that explains this topic in more detail (and will also apply to your ViewletQuiz5 projects).

Click here to access that post.

Or, you can refer to the ViewletQuiz5 Professional user guide for more information on working with Timing Commands and Timing Rules. Download the user guide from our online Learning Center.

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