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Interactive Zones and Question Types

Postby Qathy » Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:03 am

What types of questions are available in ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise?
ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise is a combination of ViewletBuilder8 Pro and ViewletQuiz5 Pro, which means you have access to all the classic interactive zones (found in ViewletBuilder8 Pro) plus 11+ question types (found in ViewletQuiz5 Pro).

Here is a list of available classic interactive zones and question types:

Classic Interactive Zones
  • Click Zone: Contains a click area that covers a portion of the slide. This area (transparent in the published project) is where the user must click to correctly respond.
  • Text Zone: Contains a text input field. The user must input the answer correctly into this field.
  • Keystroke Zone: Contains a zone that shows the Viewlet author (not the viewer) the keys that the viewer must press in the published file to answer correctly. This “zone” will not display in the published file.
  • Pause Zone: Though not technically a zone, when this zone is inserted on a slide, it will insert a red triangle (not viewable in the published file) in the bottom right corner of the slide and the slide will pause at the point along the Timeline where it was inserted (multiple Pause Zones may be added to a slide).

    Question Types
    • Short Answer - Fill in the Blank: Fill in the blank with a single answer.
    • Short Answer - Select from List: Select a single answer from a list.
    • Short Answer - Rating: Select a single rating from a given scale.
    • Short Answer - Essay: Type in one or more words, sentences or paragraphs (essay style) to respond.
    • Multiple Choice - Single Answer: Select a single answer from a list with two or more choices.
    • Multiple Choice - Multiple Answers: Select a single or multiple answers from a list with two or more choices.
    • Multiple Choice - Fill in the Blanks: Type in a response in one or more “fill in the blank” entry fields.
    • Multiple Choice - Selection from Lists: Select an answer from one or more lists.
    • Multiple Choice - Rating: Select one or more ratings from a single or multiple rating scales.
    • Multiple Choice - True/False: Select an answer from one of only two possible choices.
    • Likert Scale: Select an answer based on their specific level of agreement to a specific statement.
    • Drag and Drop: Match up items by dragging their response(s) across columns.
    • Click Map: Click on one or more areas of the screen in order to respond.
    • Random Question: Resides on main timeline and randomly pulls a question from a specified Question Bank each time the published file is viewed.

      For more details on working with Classic Interactive Zones and Question Types (and all the elements that make up these slides), check out the ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise user guide.

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