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Load Macro

Postby Qathy » Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:47 am

What is the 'Load Macro' feature used for and what types of macros does it support?

In ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise, there is a feature called Load Macro. It allows you to access a list of custom macros (created by the dev team using Groovy scripting) to perform various global tasks such as:

  • Add a pause zone to the end of each slide
  • Copy current score properties to all questions
  • Copy selection to all masters
  • Copy selection to all slides
  • Output question details to Output tab
  • Remove all attached sounds
  • Remove all balloons
  • Remove all click and text zones
  • Remove all cursor click sounds
  • Remove all cursors
  • Remove all key click sounds
  • Remove all notes
  • Remove all slide background sounds
  • Rename all slides in numerical order
  • Set all balloons and notes to end of slide timing rule
  • Set all cursors to default
  • Set all reading speed rules to manual timing

Click here to view a post with more details on this topic and links to a related tutorial.

If you are handy at Groovy scripting, you can create your own macro for use in ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise. If not, and the macro you need is not listed in your current application, drop an email to with your request for a custom macro and we'll see what we can do to accommodate you.

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