XML Text Editing Using Text for Translations

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XML Text Editing Using Text for Translations

Postby Qathy » Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:48 am

Is there any tool that will allow me or a member of my team to do any type of text editing using a single point of reference, such as an XML file, to edit project text elements outside of ViewletBuilder?

Yes, this feature is called Text for Translations. Traditionally speaking, this option was originally designed as a tool for authors to export all the text from their project out to a single HTML file. Then, a person could, outside of the ViewletBuilder program, edit the text directly from the HTML file. In a majority of these situations, this HTML feature was used to translate project text into another language. Once this was done, the Viewlet Author then imported the content of the HTML file back into the project and updates were made within a few seconds, whereas if the author translated text one element at a time, it would probably take a significant amount of time.

This feature has evolved over the years beyond just an exported/imported HTML file used for language translations purposes. Some of the most significant changes are:

  • Exported/imported file used for external text editing is XML
  • XML file can be exported with all text formatting included for advanced users
  • XML file can be exported without text formatting for a much cleaner file making it easier for users to modify just the content (text) without additional 'coding' distractions

    For more details on this topic and links to a related tutorial, click here.

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