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Fade Animation

Postby Qathy » Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:13 am

Is there a feature that will allow me to control how objects on a slide fade in and out along the timeline?
The Fade Animation effect allows you to design content so that:

  • A slide element fades in, stays displayed for a specific duration, then fades out.
  • The author controls the time it takes for the fade in and fade out to occur.
  • Multiple slide elements (shapes, images, text, etc.) can have a fade animation applied on the SAME slide.

And, you can access the Fade Animation effect (when available) in several ways:

  • From within the selected slide element's 'Properties' dialog

  • By clicking the 'Fade Animation' icon on the second level toolbar
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  • By right-clicking and selecting 'Fade Animation' from the context menu

Once you've applied the Fade Animation to the selected slide element, you can then edit its attributes as needed.

You can also check out this tutorial for more information on working with this feature.

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