Embedding External Files in a Viewlet

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Embedding External Files in a Viewlet

Postby Qathy » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:32 am

I have several handouts and workshop documents that I want to provide to my learners to work on or use as study guides. These files are supplemental to the Viewlet training, but I don't want my learners to have to access a URL outside the Viewlet itself to download these resources. Is there any way I can embed these external files within the Viewlet project and provide a link to them from a slide within the Viewlet?

The answer is yes. Not only can you create eLearning Viewlets as demos, simulations and assessments, but there are also many other features that the application provides Viewlet authors. Among these features, or tools, is the ability to provide internal links to additional files not accessible in the normal navigation through the Viewlet, but as downloadable resources accessible via links from within the Viewlet.

There are several steps included to set up this design. Click here for more details (provided elsewhere in this forum).

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