Closed Captions for Hearing Impaired Viewers

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Closed Captions for Hearing Impaired Viewers

Postby Qathy » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:28 pm

What is Closed Caption? Any tips or tricks for working with this feature?
Closed Caption (CC) is a feature that will allow you to insert text associated with the sound clips within your Viewlet for learners who might be hearing impaired or just to have text available for 'visual narration' purposes (whatever the reason).

Here are some basics to keep in mind when using this feature:
1. You MUST have sound layers/clips inserted into your project to access the Closed Caption option in the Sound dialogs.

2. If your project is compromised of a single video slide, you do NOT have to insert one HUGE Closed Caption text option, though that may seem the easiest thing to do. It won't be. Break your video slide into several slides (this will also break up the sound layer that syncs up with your video layer if you recorded audio during the capture session). Then, add individual Closed Caption text to each of the newly split video slides as needed.

3. You must be in Time Select mode in order to view the 'actual' text on the slide. If you are in 'Slide Select' mode, you will just see the default text that displays as 'Closed Captions Appear Here'. If you want to see the actual text the viewer will see at any given point along the timeline, click on a tick mark on the timeline to display the playhead. This switches you to Time Select mode and you'll see the 'expected' CC text.

4. The CC layer is locked by default. Unlock it to edit the attributes of the CC text. The actual text 'content' is inserted in the Sound dialog.

5. Make sure to enable Closed Captions in Project Properties > Viewlet Options > Other Options by selecting the checkbox next to 'Display Closed Captions'. If this option is NOT selected, the CC feature will NOT work when the Viewlet is played back.

For more information on working with Closed Captions, visit this post found elsewhere in this forum.

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