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Self-Help Resources

Postby Qathy » Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:52 pm

Where can I find additional free, self-help resources (other than those in this user forum) to learn more about working with the different tools and features in ViewletBuilder8
Qarbon offers several options for free help. If you are new to ViewletBuilder8, you should check out one of our free ViewletBuilder8 webinars. Keep in mind, these webinars are not intended as an all-inclusive training session, these are just to provide attendees with a FREE 'high level' tour of the current features available in ViewletBuilder8.

You might also want to take a look at the resources available in Qarbon's online Learning Center. These include links to tutorials, user guides, and FAQs...just look for the version (whether it is Enterprise or Professional) you are working with and click one of the links under it for more help.

You might also consider taking the time to download and browse through the user guide applicable to your version. Here are the direct links to these resources:

ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise User Guide

ViewletBuilder8 Professional User Guide

Qarbon also offers budget friendly training via live workshops (limited to only 10 students each) as well as private coaching. Of course, these latter options are not free, but if needed, you'll find they are well worth the cost.

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