Entering special characters in ViewletBuilder

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Entering special characters in ViewletBuilder

Postby Rado » Tue May 27, 2014 7:16 am

The degree symbol: some international keyboard layouts allow you to enter the degree symbol directly by pressing the appropriate key, however, this is not the case for most English keyboard layouts. For these, you can use the degree symbol code, by pressing Alt+248. Holding the Alt key pressed, type "248" on the numpad, or on the virtual numpad if you're using a laptop keyboard without the numerical part.

Letters of the Greek alphabet: using Greek letters is a little different. On Windows machines, for example in Microsoft Word, you would normally select the "Symbol" font and then select the appropriate character. Here's a quick tip: you can use any word processing tool (such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, or even Google Docs) to select the character you need, and then copy & paste the character into ViewletBuilder. When pasting, just remember to switch the font to "Symbol" if needed.

You can watch a short Viewlet demonstrating how to enter both, the degree symbol, and the sigma letter of the Greek alphabet, using ViewletBuilder7 and OpenOffice Writer. The tutorial applies to both, ViewletBuilder8 and ViewletQuiz5 as well, and would be very similar if you're using Microsoft Word or other word processing tool.

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