Creating Teaching/Training Aids from Viewlets

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Creating Teaching/Training Aids from Viewlets

Postby vmarm » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:19 am

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Today's training is all about the 'digital assets' delivered to learners via various platforms (PCs, tablets, mobile devices, etc.). This is especially true for self-paced/self-help resources, whether the learners be online academics (college, K-12 students), professionals gaining further training/accreditation in their fields...or maybe just hobbyists looking to further their knowledge in a specific area of interest, etc. ViewletBuilder provides Viewlet Authors all the tools they need to build dynamic videos to meet the needs of all these learning types. But, let's take this a step further...

What happens after the learner leaves the digital environment? How can you reinforcement all this eLearning 'after the fact' in a way it still will enhance any learning, quizzing or knowledge checks implemented electronically? Well, that's actually very easy. In fact, some may call this approach old school.

ViewletBuilder offers authors the ability to create PDFs, images files, HTML pages, Word documents, etc. directly from Viewlet projects. Using a combination of features, including Page Layout and timeline layers, you can choose what you want to print for hard copies or to a static digital (non-video) format.


These printed assets are a great way to complement your learners' video training, making this a quick way to refresh the learning they've already accomplished--with a valuable resource to refer to ONLINE or OFFLINE right at hand.

Check out this video for some ideas on how you can easily create your own teaching/training aids directly from your Viewlet projects.

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