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Content Development Randomization Opportunities

Postby vmarm » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:07 am

The Viewletin
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Keeping content fresh is vital to any eLearning experience, especially when it comes to training, certification and client/customer feedback. Content developers may take several approaches to the design process when creating these types of videos, including creating several of the SAME assessment video, but manually reordering the placement of how content is presented in each clone. This approach is tedious and really not very efficient.

Qarbon offers a solution! Did you know, ViewletBuilder8 offers Viewlet Authors the ability to streamline this particular content creation process by leveraging certain tools that will automatically 'randomize' elements within the Viewlet on playback?

These features include:

  • Question Banks: Collections of question slides (including both scored/quiz and non-scored/survey) presented to the viewer in random order each time the Viewlet is played.

  • Random Question Slide: The 'anchor' or 'placeholder' slide along the main timeline where a random question slide will appear on playback, selected randomly each time the Viewlet is played from a designated question bank.

  • Question Slides: Assessment slides that require feedback from the viewer/learner. These types of slides can be set to be scored (for quizzing) or not scored (for feedback/surveys) and may include multiple choice, true/false, drag/drop, click zones, text zones, keystroke zones, ratings, likert scales, etc. Question slides may reside along the main timeline (presented in the same sequence each time the Viewlet is played) or within a specific question bank (randomly presented during playback (as previously described).

  • Choice Shuffling: Answers (responses that learners/viewers can choose from when answering a question slide) are randomly shuffled (placed in different orders) each time the Viewlet is played back.


The main point here is don't reinvent the wheel. Save time by creating Viewlets that leverage the randomization options available for all of your tests, quizzes, knowledge checks, feedbacks and surveys.

To learn more about Viewlet Authoring randomization opportunities, check out this video now.

That's it for this blog.

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