Have you check out Composica 10?

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Have you check out Composica 10?

Postby vmarm » Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:58 am

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Qarbon announced the release of Composica Enterprise 10 just a little over a month ago. This latest version contains many enhancements as well as two main additions. Here's a brief overview:


Due to customer demand, Composica 10 now features a powerful new feature that authors will find exciting to use with the addition of Symbols. These are vector based glyphs, featuring common and useful symbols as well as various illustrative elements. These vector symbols provide sharp, high definition at any size, and can easily be rotated, flipped, stroked, gradient-filled, opacity-customized, etc. and are based on many popular and publicly available symbol fonts.

Symbols can easily be incorporated throughout your course by simply accessing the tool along the Insert ribbon, then clicking the Symbol icon to view a menu of options.


OAuth 2.0

Composica 10 now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication providers. As many Composica developers already know, OAuth is an excellent way to implement SSO (single sign-on) via a centralized system in the organization such as an LMS/HCM. In this latest Composica release, any OAuth 2.0 provider is supported, including global providers such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many, many others. Some major benefits include:

  • Administrators can easily configure new OAuth providers from scratch or with existing templates.
  • Users can 'self-add' their logins to any OAuth providers configured in the system using the new profile dialog.
  • Administrators can add OAuth login identifiers to existing users.
  • The system can be even be configured to attempt automatic OAuth login when first accessed, to provide a more efficient and comfortable SSO experience.
  • ...and more.

If you haven't checked it out yet or are looking for more information on Composica 10, please visit this post in the Composica thread in our forum.

For full details of all the new features and enhancements available in Composica 10, check out:

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