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ViewletCentral Advantages & Viewlet Integration Tips

Postby vmarm » Mon May 23, 2016 8:05 am

The Viewletin
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~by ViewletMarm

Qarbon provides Viewlet Authors with many tools to create stunning video demonstrations, simulations, interactive videos and assessments. Start with creating your eLearning content using one of our authoring apps like ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise, ViewletBuilder8 Pro or ViewletQuiz5 Pro.

Check out Qarbon's products comparison chart to decide THE BEST Viewlet Authoring tool for you!

Once you have reviewed, tweaked, reviewed again and made your final edits to your Viewlet, then it's' time to publish it--and here you have many choices, among them ViewletCentral.

ViewletCentral is a comprehensive server-based system that allows Viewlet Authors to store, manage and deploy Viewlets as well as gather important usage statistics. By far, the most popular version of this system is Qarbon ViewletCentral. Hosted on Qarbon servers, Qarbon ViewletCentral allows authors to publish directly to our server in just a couple of clicks. A 'URL' is then generated and provided to the author for use in their own LMS, web site, emails, social networks and more. As learners interact with a Viewlet, the real-time utilization is captured and stored within your secure ViewletCentral account for your own analysis. You can test-drive Qarbon ViewletCentral for free at anytime by signing up for a Discovery account, or choose a subscription plan to meet your needs.


If you prefer to keep your data stored within your corporate network, Qarbon offers ViewletCentral Self-Hosted. In additional to all the features already available with Qarbon ViewletCentral, the 'Self-Hosted' version offers group management tools and the option to store/share source project files among your Viewlet Authors.

Take a tour of ViewletCentral now and see what it has to offer you!


Once you publish your Viewlets to your ViewletCentral account, you might consider taking the next step. Why not develop some design strategies that would include embedding various ViewletCentral Viewlets into other Viewlets? It is fairly easy to do, allowing you to create dynamic and virtually seamless videos in just a few extra steps. Learn more about ViewletCentral Viewlet Integration now.

These ViewletCentral advantages and ViewletCentral Viewlet integration strategies will definitely be tools worth looking into as valuable authoring resources.

Check back soon when I post ideas for fully leveraging your ViewletCentral account along with some tips on creating student profiles, assigning content and tracking learner progress, but for now...

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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