Announcing the Release of Composica Enterprise 9

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Announcing the Release of Composica Enterprise 9

Postby vmarm » Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:55 pm

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Qarbon is proud to announce the release of Composica 9 (January 9, 2016). Composica 9 boasts many new and enhanced features, including:

  • Powerful and highly customizable 'smart' templates known as Sets
  • New Experience API / xAPI / TinCan publishing option
  • Preview project translations without publishing
  • ...and more!

Sets are a new feature, providing Composica 9 authors with over 2,400 variations of powerful, smart templates. These highly-customizable templates empower authors to implement efficient design strategies that are visually-appealing, starting with basic page layouts sets that easily integrate into course pages with existing interactive elements and activities. Smart sets help learners visualize information and interactions in new, beautifully designed and interestingly-engaging ways. Authors, working with sets, have almost infinitely customizable options with unprecedented control over color combinations and alterations.

Experience API / xAPI / Tin Can Publishing Option
Keeping up with the demands of today's eLearning technologies, Composica 9 now supports Experience API / xAPI / Tin Can output. Authors can now publish Experience API packages and use them in any supporting LMS or LRS. Experience API (previously called Tin Can) is an e-learning standard designed to replace SCORM and provide modern solutions to several problems SCORM just couldn't handle well enough. All this in just a few clicks directly from your Composica project.

Learn more about Experience API (xAPI)


Translations 'Preview' Options
The ability to translate your Composica projects was already available in previous versions. But, when you wanted to preview the translated project, you had to open the 'duplicated' project or publish it out in order to view results. This meant having to close your original project in order to view translations. No more!

Now, Composica 9 projects and any individual pages within them can now be previewed in the context of a translation, without having to publish the course using that translation. This unique feature will save authors plenty of time and effort, previously spent publishing and republishing, in order to adjust and test content with all required translations.


Watch for an upcoming tutorial on this enhanced 'preview without publishing' translation feature!

...and more...
In addition to the TOP THREE new and enhanced features that we are sure you will love in Composica 9, here are a few more to be on the lookout for:

  • Quickly 'unpublish' a project previously published to the web server using the new Web Publications widget of the Project Dashboard.
  • The Media Player now offers a play button overlay over the media, to make it easier to identify and play.
  • The Media Player offers a new Poster property, allowing authors to specify an image to display while a video is downloading, or until the learner hits play.

Don't forget to check out this post about Composica 9 in the Composica Enterprise Announcements section of this forum for additional information regarding this Composica 9 release.

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