The Importance of Capture Profiles

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The Importance of Capture Profiles

Postby vmarm » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:08 am

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ViewletBuilder offers authors two popular new project types: Screen Capture and Video Capture. These share an important design feature integral to the creation of these project types--Capture Profiles.

What is a Capture Profile? It is simply a collection of all the 'capture option' settings saved within a single profile, ready for use during a recording session. Several Capture Profiles are pre-installed with ViewletBuilder. These profiles can be organized, modified, deleted and even created from scratch.

To access Capture Profiles:
  1. Open the New Project dialog.
  2. Select either the Screen Capture Project or the Video Capture Project type.
  3. Select a Capture Profile from the list.
  4. Modify the options in the profile as desired and click OK to close the dialog.

Capture Profiles are also used when inserting new Screen Capture slides and new Video Capture slides into existing projects.


Click on one of the links below to view a video on this topic (in the format of your choice).

View on PCs

View on Mobile Devices

Capture Profiles provide Viewlet Authors with a quick and efficient way to create new Screen Capture and Video Capture projects and slides again and again.

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