The Publish Viewlet Dialog

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The Publish Viewlet Dialog

Postby vmarm » Fri May 08, 2015 9:21 am

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Your Viewlet project is complete and all changes finalized in the last save. So, what is your next step as a Viewlet Author? It's time to convert your project's source file to a video that the learner will view from your web site, LMS, etc. This 'publishing' step is accomplished in your authoring application's (ViewletBuilder and/or ViewletQuiz) Publish Viewlet Dialog.

You can access the Publish Viewlet Dialog in several ways:
  • Press Ctrl+P on your keyboard, or
  • Click the Publish Viewlet icon along the main toolbar, or
  • Select Project > Publish Viewlet from the menu bar.

Once you've performed one of the above operations, the Publish Viewlet Dialog displays.


It is from this single location that you can choose ANY of your publishing options (publishing targets) for your source file. You can publish to:

  • Current Project
  • Local or Network Folder
  • FTP Server
  • Qarbon ViewletCentral
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • CD / DVD / Executable
  • AICC
  • PDF Document
  • Word / RTF Document
  • HTML Document
  • Image Set

The enhanced, streamlined design of the Publish Viewlet Dialog also allows you to select additional options for your particular publishing target WITHOUT leaving this dialog.

Learn more about publishing your Viewlet by watching a video in the format of your choice:

View on PCs

View on Mobile Devices

Don't forget, each time you launch ViewletBuilder or ViewletQuiz, you can check out a summary list of projects you've published in the Start View - Publishing History.

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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