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Pricing & Payment Options to Fit YOU

Postby vmarm » Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:41 pm

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Technology surrounds us and we all use it at some point in our day, whether personally or professionally. Companies, like Qarbon, who develop and sell eLearning technologies must constantly employ licensing models (for their products and services) dynamic enough to accommodate new technologies and business models, but also appeal to a wide range of clients (single users, small businesses, non-profits, educational, corporations, etc.).

Keeping this in mind, Qarbon offers clients perpetual licenses as well as subscription licenses. What are each of these and which would work best for you? Good question, let's explore these a bit further.

Perpetual License
When purchasing a license for ViewletBuilder8 and/or ViewletQuiz5, for example, you are purchasing a license that you use to register the software application, turning it from the trial version to the registered version. Your software application license is considered 'perpetual' meaning that it is yours to use forever for the specific version you purchased it for. Owners of perpetual licenses get price breaks when upgrading their licenses for use in more current software versions. This is the licensing model used for many years by technology companies and the one that most customers are familiar with.

Subscription License
Over the years, companies found that customers purchasing their software (using the model above) often stayed with older versions for longer periods instead of upgrading as newer software versions were made available. Also, companies had to turn away customers who only needed their product for the short-term and didn't want to invest a lot of money in software for what might be a one-time purchase. The solution? The subscription license model was born.


If you don't want to drop a few hundred dollars for a perpetual license or just need to use the software for a small project or a short period of time, Qarbon now offers you the subscription payment option. The benefits:

  • Subscriptions to ViewletBuilder8 and ViewletQuiz5 are month-to-month.
  • Monthly subscription prices are a fraction of the cost of a perpetual license.
  • You are NOT locked into any long-term contract, so if you don't need the software the next month, simply cancel your subscription.
  • You have access to all the latest and greatest software versions withOUT the expense of upgrading.
  • Platinum support is provided to all subscription licensees at no added cost.
  • ...and more (you can contact for all the details on this)

So, those are the main differences and it will be up to you to decide the best approach. You might consider purchasing a subscription license to try out the software (beyond the trial version) and, if it turns out to be the tool you want to continue to use overtime as your eLearning development software, then you can jump into a perpetual license at any time. The great thing is, the choice is up to you.

Meanwhile, Qarbon also has various pricing models for customers:

  • Standard pricing (full pricing) is available for all software applications at any time
  • Discounts are offered for multiple license purchases
  • Educational pricing is available (with proper verification)
  • Volume pricing is available for larger purchases
  • Promos are available throughout the year via our web site and to our regular/sales newsletters subscribers
  • Custom quotes (not matter who you are) can be obtained from

And, let's not forget available payment options:
  • Online store accepts credit cards (Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Visa) and/or Paypal
  • Purchase Orders are also accepted (subject to approval by

In this post, I just highlighted options for ViewletBuilder8 and ViewletQuiz5. Don't forget, Qarbon offers additional products and services, each with their own license models and pricing structures too. All of these options are design to fit YOU!

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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