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Swap Views - Project Manager/Design View (Composica)

Postby vmarm » Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:16 am

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Composica is a highly intuitive and flexible WYSIWYG HTML-based social content authoring environment. Seasoned Composica developers appreciate the diverse features and tools available for course creation making their eLearning assets accessible by learners on a myriad of devices, including mobile ones such as tablets and smartphones. What this means is that Composica offers the right set of tools to get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Yet, there is always something new to learn to improve the course development process--sometimes in the most surprising places. I'm going to talk about one now.

As a content author, you know Composica offers basically two modes when working on a course. One is the Project Manager (the dialog you access to manage your course Outline Tree and related features) and the Design View (to work on page design/development). And, while working on your course, you will most likely find yourself moving between these views multiple times. When you do, what steps do you take to go from Project Manager to Design View and back? Do the steps you take become cumbersome and start to wast valuable time better spent on actual production tasks? Well, in case you don't already know, Composica offers a few different ways to quickly 'swap' between views using quick-click actions and keyboard shortcuts.


I could outline the steps here, but this time, I think the topic is best illustrated in a video. Learn some tips for swapping between the Project Manager/Design views in Composica on your preferred viewing device:

Watch on PCs

Watch on Mobile Devices

And remember, even an old dog can learn new tricks when it comes to improving processes for course creation. Composica makes it easy!

That's it for this blog.

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