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Exploring Stylesheets

Postby vmarm » Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:04 am

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As an e-Learning professional, you already know that over time, training materials and courseware content MUST be updated in order to remain valid. So, designing training assets effectively right from the start, using techniques that allow the video developer to update resources quickly is strategically important. Qarbon's authoring applications, ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz, provide authors with the tools to do just that. One such tool is the Stylesheet.

What is a stylesheet? In terms of Viewlet Authoring, a stylesheet is basically a template consisting of various styles and attributes that are automatically applied to new (and existing) project slides and slide elements to provide a consistent and standardized theme. This tool allows Viewlet Authors to create design standards that can be used over and over again. Additionally, effective use of stylesheets allows Viewlet Authors to quickly update project elements at any time within a matter of minutes instead of hours, days, and sometimes (as in the past) weeks.


ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz come with several pre-installed stylesheets that you can use and/or modify as needed. You also have the flexibility to create new stylesheets from scratch. It's up to you.

Learn how stylesheets can enhance your authoring designs in your own Viewlets by watching a video tutorial in the format of your choice:

Watch on PCs

Watch on Mobile Devices

Stylesheets provide a way to quickly update Viewlets while cutting down on 'human' authoring errors and are definitely a feature worth checking out!

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