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Transform PowerPoints with the Enterprise Advantage

Postby vmarm » Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:11 am

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Viewlet Authors enjoy a vast range of development tools when creating eLearning Viewlet assets whether using ViewletBuilder or ViewletQuiz. Did you know, though, that some authors have an edge over others authors? How? It's really no secret. Those choosing the Enterprise edition (ViewletBuilder Enterprise to be precise) not only leverage the features found in both ViewletBuilder Pro AND ViewletQuiz Pro in one Enterprise suite, but several additional features found only in the Enterprise version as well. This post will explore the features that will allow you to transform your PowerPoint presentations/slides into Viewlet videos.

There are several ways to convert your PowerPoint presentations into Viewlet slides, however, if you are using ViewletBuilder Enterprise, here's a few features that are definitely worth looking into. Let's explore the first, perhaps the most important, one.

Creating a New Project from PowerPoint Slides
ViewletBuilder Enterprise offers a new project option called PowerPoint Project. This allows you to select an existing PowerPoint presentation and convert PowerPoint slides into a new Viewlet project ready to edit. To do this:

1. Open ViewletBuilder Enterprise and select File > New.

2. In the New Project dialog, select the PowerPoint Project option.

3. Make your selections in the various tabs, including selecting your PowerPoint presentation.

4. Once you are done with the settings in the New Project dialog, click OK to convert your PowerPoint slides to slides in your new Viewlet project and then edit your project as desired.


Learn how to convert your PowerPoint slides to a Viewlet project by watching a video tutorial in the format of your choice:

Watch on PCs

Watch on Mobile Devices

It doesn't stop there. You can even import PowerPoint slides into ANY existing Viewlet project. To do this, simply go to the Insert menu, select Slides, then select PowerPoint slides. A dialog will display (this dialog is a modified version of the New Project dialog). In this dialog, make your selections in the various tabs, including selecting the PowerPoint file you want to work with and then click OK to convert the PowerPoint presentation to Viewlet slides. It's that easy and definitely an Enterprise advantage!

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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