Instructional Design Templates (Composica)

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Instructional Design Templates (Composica)

Postby vmarm » Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:49 am

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As a Composica developer, do you want to learn a quick way to create reusable course templates? The next few moments may change the way you approach new course creation design going forward.

1. Create a new project in Composica using the New Project dialog.

2. In the Project Manager, create the course outline you want to use for your Instructional Design template in the Outline Tree.

3. In Design View, add the elements (image containers, text boxes, activities/placeholders, etc.) that you want to include as part of the template.

4. Back in the Project Manager, select the main project folder.

5. Give the project an applicable title for the template.

6. For the Project Type, select Instructional Design Template from the drop-down list.

7. Save your changes.

Now, each time you create a new course using an Instructional Design Based Project, you will be able to select this template from all those available in the template list.


If you want to learn more about this topic, watch a video now on your preferred device.

View on Laptop/PC

View on Mobile Device

Final thoughts--to create standardized Composica courses quickly and efficiently time and time again, custom-built Instructional Design Templates is a feature worth checking out!

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