Import Old-School PowerPoint Slides into Composica Courses

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Import Old-School PowerPoint Slides into Composica Courses

Postby vmarm » Tue Jul 29, 2014 10:36 am

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Think back to the earlier days of training. Remember the tool considered state-of-the-art back when for creating presentations? If you guessed PowerPoint, you most likely guessed right. In fact, there's probably lots of die-hard trainers, managers, sales professionals, support staff and the like STILL using this technology because...well, I really don't know why. That's not to say that PowerPoint presentations don't serve their purpose in many fields. In today's world, however, effective e-learning content starts with the RIGHT tools. Composica developers know this, but don't throw away your old PowerPoint training presentations just yet!

There is a lot of time and money invested in your old PowerPoint files, I'm sure. Salvage these assets by importing the slides into your Composica courses in just a few steps. To do this:

1. Open the Project Manager in Composica.

2. Select the position in the Outline Tree where you want to import your PowerPoint slides.

3. On the 'Home' ribbon, select one of the icons to import your PowerPoint.

4. In the dialog that displays, locate and select your PowerPoint file.

5. Follow the remaining instructions (in this dialog) to import your PowerPoint files into your course.


Want to see this in action? Watch a video on this topic now on your preferred device.

View on Laptop/PC

View on Mobile Device

To sum it all up--don't waste time and money. Migrate your old-school PowerPoint slides easily into your modern day Composica courses and reap the rewards of both worlds!

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