Importing Questions/Question Banks Between Viewlet Projects

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Importing Questions/Question Banks Between Viewlet Projects

Postby vmarm » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:00 am

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Since the release of ViewletBuilder8 and ViewletQuiz5, I keep getting Viewlet Authors asking me if I have any tips or tricks for working with many of the new features. The one that I want to talk about in this post is one that keeps coming up, in particular, what is the best way to work with question banks across a series of Viewlets. Here's my advice--create once then use/reuse again and again.

Let's say you have a course that will consist of several Viewlets. Each Viewlet will be its own module focusing on a particular topic/task. For each Viewlet, you want to incorporate some knowledge checks or questions. At the end of the course, you want to take these same questions from each of the modular Viewlets and include them as part of a Final Exam for the entire course. What is the best design approach to accomplish this? Read on...

Step 1: Create a Master Viewlet Containing JUST Question Banks
Create a new Viewlet. In this Viewlet, create ONLY question banks that will be used for each of the modular Viewlets as previously described. Name each question bank logically, such as 'Chapter 1 - Quizzes, Chapter 2 - Quizzes' and so on. The names should be such that when you look at each bank, it gives you an idea of which of the modular Viewlets it is associated with. Populate each question bank with as many question types as desired. Save THIS Viewlet with a name like 'thecoursename_questions_master' (or something that indicates it is a master Viewlet containing ONLY questions/question banks for a particular course) for easy reference.

Step 2: Create Your Modular and End-of-Course Viewlets
At this stage, create the demo portion for each of your modular Viewlets as well as the main shell for your end-of-course Viewlet. Do not create any questions or question banks yet. Save each of these Viewlets.

Step 3: Import Questions/Question Banks from Master Viewlet
Open each of your modular Viewlets and import the desired questions/question banks from the master Viewlet you created in Step 1. You can also import all the desired questions/question banks from the master Viewlet into your end-of-course Viewlet at this point too. Save each of these Viewlets.

Step 4: Create Random Question Slides on Main Timeline
Next, in each of your Viewlets, insert Random Question slides on the main timeline and associate each with a question bank. Save each of these projects.

Step 5: Finalize and Publish
The last step is to do your final edits to your Viewlet, preview results and finalize it by publishing.


Not sure how to import questions/question banks between your Viewlet projects? Check out one of these videos (in the format of your choice) for more information:

View on Laptop/PC

View on Mobile Device

Using this approach, or one similar to it, will allow you to create a master resource, in this case a Viewlet with questions/question banks, ONE TIME ONLY. Then, you can use and reuse that master project to import only the questions/question banks you need for each of your particular Viewlets WITHOUT having to recreate them again and again. You can even edit the master project containing just the questions/question banks as needed over time. Best part of all this--it will save you lots of authoring time which will equate to an increase in productivity and a boost to your own bottom-line!

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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