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Question Randomization Highlights

Postby vmarm » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:18 am

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The nightmare of any trainer may well be providing standard, but refreshed content to trainees and students in a timely manner. How are we able to do this with the least investment in time and effort? Well, if you are a Viewlet Author, you can take advantage of some question randomization options available in ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise and ViewletQuiz5.


You can now create question banks for scored (quiz) and not scored (survey) question types. Then, populate each question bank with as few or as many questions as you need. Along the main timeline, add one or more Random Question types to pull question slides randomly from your different question banks. Basically, each time the viewer plays the Viewlet through, when they come to the Random Question slides (unknown to them on the backend), a different question slide will be displayed (pulled from) the question bank each time.

Additionally, if randomizing question slide playback isn't enough, you can also shuffle the order of choices offered to the viewer to select as an answer each time a particular question slide is played back too!

To learn more about Question Randomization features, check out one of the following videos in the format of your choice.

View on Laptop/PC

View on Mobile Device

Question Banks, Random Question slides and choice shuffling allow you to save production time when it comes to authoring tasks, but also provides some fresh playback to viewers with standard content with a lot less effort than ever before.

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