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Patchwork Viewlets

Postby vmarm » Thu Apr 24, 2014 1:15 pm

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Securing sensitive data is critical today. As a Viewlet Author and eLearning course developer, it is your responsibility to ensure that confidential information is hidden from public display, especially in any training videos you create using ViewletBuilder or ViewletQuiz.

So, what do you do if you snap a screenshot or capture a video and, while editing your project, you discover that portions of the background frame or video layer contain sensitive information? Do you need to recapture the whole thing? Absolutely...NOT! Patching is the way to go.

There are several different approaches to patching background frames. You can place something on top of the sensitive area to completely hide the information or you can blur it out. That's fine, but what happens if you have additional editing to do to the slide. What can you do to ensure the patches stay firmly in place so as to not accidentally reveal what is beneath? It's actually much easier than you might think.

Using a combination of shapes, opacity settings, fill colors, locking layers, exporting images and replacing background frames...patches can be easily sewn seamlessly into most any background frame permanently.


Teach yourself the art of patchwork in your Viewlet project by watching one of the videos below!

PC (Demo)

Mobile Device/Smartphone (Demo)

Keep in mind, patching isn't just for hiding sensitive information. It's also a very easy way to make small updates to background frames--for all your Viewlets.

That's it for this blog.

Until next time (and all patches in between)...
Happy Viewleting!


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