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On the Horizon...ViewletBuilder8 & ViewletQuiz5

Postby vmarm » Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:24 pm

The Viewletin
An Inside ‘Take’ on All Things Viewlet
~by ViewletMarm

Exciting times here at Qarbon and that means exciting news for all you Viewlet Authors too! If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you already know what is going on. If not, you should definitely sign up now so you don't miss out on future scoops:

Okay, so what's the news? Here it is.

We are in the final stages of beta testing ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise, ViewletBuilder8 Professional, and ViewletQuiz5 Professional. This next generation of Qarbon's eLearning authoring apps are packed with many new features (redesigned GUI for optimized workflow, question randomization features, auto-layout templates for assessment slides, closed caption, numerous branding tools for your published video assets...and so much more!)


Do you want in on the action? First, get some training under your belt by attending one of the many upcoming ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise - At A Glance webinars. These online sessions will provide you with a vital first-hand look at these soon-to-be released Viewlet Authoring apps. No matter what version you are interested in (ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise, ViewletBuilder8 Professional, ViewletQuiz5 Professional), these webinars cover it all (or close to it!).

Finally, if you are interested in seeing if we have a spot for you on the team as we go through final beta testing, or just want more information, drop us an email at: betatesting [@]

Don't get caught out in the cold! See what's in store for you with ViewletBuilder8 and ViewletQuiz5 today!

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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