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Image Quality Customization

Postby vmarm » Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:01 am

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Are your eLearning courses choking on download? Do you lose your audience due to bandwidth bottlenecks? There is a good possibility it's all due to the size of your video files. Qarbon has a solution for you.

Many times, video files are larger than they need to be due to image quality settings. As a Viewlet author, if you are using any of the latest Qarbon authoring apps (ViewletBuilder7/ViewletQuiz4 or later versions), there are options you can use to significantly reduce the size of your published files. One way is by customizing the image quality settings used by your authoring app for your published files.

To ACCESS these features:

1. Select Project > Project Properties from the menu.

2. Select Image Quality in the Project Properties dialog.

3. Select the Custom quality option.

4. In the Custom Image Quality dialog, choose image compression options for slide elements (notes, balloons, text boxes and interactive elements), images inserted on slides, background frames and video frames.

5. Click OK to apply and close the Custom Image Quality dialog.

6. Click OK to close the Project Properties dialog.

7. Save your file.

8. Preview or Publish to view results.

9. Repeat these steps to tweak custom image settings until you achieve your desired results.

Image Quality Settings.jpg

You can also watch a video on this topic now.

Pay attention to the final size of your published videos. A little less on the published file size will prove to be a lot more (in terms of tangible and non-tangible benefits) for your audience.

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
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