Colorize Slide Backgrounds with Gradients

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Colorize Slide Backgrounds with Gradients

Postby vmarm » Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:01 pm

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Qarbon's Viewlet Authoring applications (ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz) provide authors with the opportunity to visually engage their audience with many different eLearning content development features and tools. Among them--the ability to work with color options. Solid colors are great, but why stop there? Kick it up a notch by creating stunning gradient backgrounds right inside your authoring app.


Watch this video for a closer look at creating and applying gradients to your Viewlet project slides.

Once you learn how to create a stylized gradient, use it again and again. You might even consider (as a best practice) adding it as a slide background color attribute to your project's stylesheet for consistent application across one or more projects too. It all up to you!

That's it for this blog.

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