Avoid Common Viewlet Authoring Errors

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Avoid Common Viewlet Authoring Errors

Postby vmarm » Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:57 am

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Content integrity is, perhaps, one of the most important elements in your eLearning Viewlets. Without it, how can your audience trust you? True, you can grab attention with dynamic effects, visually stimulating graphics, and the like, but what's the point if your Viewlets are riddled with errors? You might even ask yourself, "How can I avoid authoring errors when I don't even realize I've made any?" The answer--easily if you are using ViewletBuilder7 or ViewletQuiz4.

Project Validation is a feature that will automatically check your Viewlet against a list of 25+ of the most common errors Viewlet Authors make when creating their Viewlets. Validation results are displayed in the 'Problems' tab, allowing you to quickly correct these issues prior to publishing to avoid any problems on playback or while gathering vital utilization stats.


Watch this Viewlet to learn how easy it is to run Project Validation and double-check the integrity of your own content and design elements.

Make the effort to avoid embarrassing (and potentially harmful) Viewlet Authoring errors. Your audience, professional image and bottom-line will love you for it!

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