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Pick Up the Pace Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby vmarm » Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:57 am

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Qarbon prides itself on providing Viewlet Authors flexibility in its most popular eLearning development tools---ViewletBuilder7 Enterprise, ViewletBuilder7 Professional and ViewletQuiz4. You will see this philosophy put into action as you build your Viewlets accessing features within your app via menus, toolbars and keyboard shortcuts, the latter of which is the topic for this blog.

If you use menus, you may have noticed that many selections have additional keyboard keys listed next to them. These are (if you don't realize it already) keyboard shortcuts that you can use to get at the same feature. If you are not familiar with how a keyboard shortcut works, it's fairly simple. Whether you see it on a toolbar menu, instructions in a help index, etc., two or more keyboard keys listed together but separated by the + (plus) symbol means if you press these 'keys' at the SAME TIME, the desired operation will occur.


So for example, in ViewletBuilder7 Enterprise, ViewletBuilder7 Professional and ViewletQuiz4, if you do NOT want to go through the menu or click on a button icon to open a new file, you can easily do it using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+N. By pressing these keys in your authoring app, it will prompt you to open a new file.

Want to know where you can find more keyboard shortcuts while working on your Viewlet projects? No problem, attached is a PDF file listing the most popular keyboard shortcuts for you to use in your Qarbon app. Save this file to your computer, open it up and start picking up the pace using these shortcuts while crafting your Viewlets.

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That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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