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Focus on What's Important in Your Viewlet

Postby vmarm » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:56 am

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Do you know how to focus the attention of your viewers on a specific 'area' of a slide to enhance the learning experience in your Viewlets? As a ViewletBuilder7 Enterprise or ViewletBuilder7 Pro author, there is a feature you can use to design content in such a way as to bring to the forefront what is most important. This handy tool is called a Zoom Zone.

As a Viewlet Author, you are not limited to the 'one zoom level' where the initial slide focus is all your viewers will see as they progress through your demo. Through the clever use of Zoom Zones, you can add stunningly engaging visual effects to your eLearning video as viewers are automatically zoomed in on tangent content, zoomed out for wide angle shots and zoomed back in as needed. This gets the viewer's attention, retains it and even makes learning new concepts (and reinforcing old ones) much easier.


Watch a Viewlet demo on this topic now then use this design technique to focus in on what's important in all of your Viewlets.

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