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ViewletCentral Publishing Tips

Postby vmarm » Wed May 08, 2013 7:46 am

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ViewletBuilder7 and ViewletQuiz4 offer many publishing targets directly from a centralized publishing wizard--among them ViewletCentral. Haven't heard about this valuable Viewlet management and hosting solution (or even if you have)? Read on...

ViewletCentral is an extensive server-based solution where Viewlet Authors collaboratively store/manage/deploy Viewlets, assign accessibility, gather valuable utilization data...and more. And, ViewletCentral comes in different flavors: Qarbon ViewletCentral (hosted on Qarbon's servers) and ViewletCentral Self-Hosted (the Corporate/Enterprise solution hosted on your company's servers).

Being able to publish your Viewlets from within your Qarbon authoring app (ViewletBuilder7 and ViewletQuiz4) directly to ViewletCentral is a seamless and valuable enhancement to your workflow process. It's also very easy to do in just a few quick steps.

Check out the ViewletCentral Publishing Tips video to see how to publish directly to ViewletCentral from your app's publishing wizard and pick up some tips along the way.


There is so much more to ViewletCentral than what I've told you here, so I recommend you visit the Qarbon web site to learn more about ViewletCentral. While you are there, sign up for a FREE Discovery account to test drive Qarbon ViewletCentral or upgrade your subscription plan based on your Viewlet management/hosting needs. There is definitely something for every one when it comes to ViewletCentral.

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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