Setting JVM Options for Your Viewlet Authoring Apps

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Setting JVM Options for Your Viewlet Authoring Apps

Postby vmarm » Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:04 pm

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A tremendous advantage ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz have over the competition is the efficient (and highly customizable) use of memory. While other eLearning apps take forever to load, run sluggishly and freeze up your computer more times than not, that’s not the case with Qarbon’s apps.

The Qarbon dev team has done a great job of balancing great authoring features against the memory it takes to run these Viewlet Authoring apps. In fact, you can also configure how much memory you want to use while working on your Viewlets too (just in case you need a bit more, or maybe not so much):

1. Open ViewletBuilder/ViewletQuiz.
2. Select Edit > Preferences from the menu.
3. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab.
4. Click the ‘Change Java Settings’ button.
5. Set the “Minimum’ and ‘Maximum’ values.
6. Click ‘OK’ until all dialogs are closed.
7. Close and reopen ViewletBuilder/ViewletQuiz for the settings to take effect.


Watch a Viewlet demo on this topic now.

While no software is absolutely perfect, you will find Qarbon apps give you an edge, increasing your productivity, with efficient use of memory while you author your Viewlet projects.

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