Configuring Quiz Options - It's All About Being Flexible

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Configuring Quiz Options - It's All About Being Flexible

Postby vmarm » Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:05 am

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Viewlet Authors, be on the lookout for all the newest features as you create your dynamic eLearning content using Qarbon's apps. Whether it's ViewletBuilder7 or ViewletQuiz4, you will be pleasantly surprised how these enhancements will improve your workflow while remaining flexible--giving YOU the control as the designer. For this post, let's focus on quiz options configuration.

There are now TWO different ways to set options for your classic interactive zones and question slides. You can set it at the 'project level' in Project Properties, or you can override baseline settings on a slide-per-slide basis. That's where the flexibility plays in. In my opinion, there are some best practices we should look at here.

First, I would set my global (or baseline) options first within Project Properties for all my interactive zones and question slides. (You can find more information on this in our April newsletter.) Once I've done this, I would then decide which of my individual slides might need 'different settings'. For example, there may be some quiz slides that need different point values and number of attempts than what I've set globally. I can easily override the global settings directly in the 'Score' dialog on each specific slide.


As I always say, a Viewlet is priceless, so to learn more about how you can easily override global question slide settings on a slide-per-slide basis, check out this video now.

This flexibility gives the designer total control over how the Viewlet will handle these quiz slides, also cutting down production time. If you add any type of interactive assessments in your videos, you will definitely want to try out these new features.

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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