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Spell Checker and Search/Replace Tools

Postby vmarm » Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:32 am

The Viewletin
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~by ViewletMarm

As a Viewlet Author and eLearning professional, what is one of the most common things that might tarnish the credibility of your Viewlet assets? My vote would be...typos.

There is nothing more frustrating than going through training materials only to find incorrectly spelled text and related mistakes. When I do, it makes me start questioning where there might be ‘other’ mistakes. Attention to detail is a very important ‘best practice’ step when creating Viewlet demos, including proofing for typos.

Not to worry. ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz offer tools to help you quickly find and fix typos in your Viewlet projects. Here are some quick pointers to get you started:

Working with the Spell Checker
1. Set your Spell Checker options (Edit > Preferences > Spelling tab).
2. Enable your Spell Checker (View > Spelling Mistakes).
3. Review the text in your message objects and fix typos as needed.

ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz also offer authors the ability to search through the entire project to find and replace common typing mistakes, single words and entire phrases in just a few clicks.


Watch the Spell Checker and Search/Replace Tools video to learn more.

The next time you find yourself in a hurry and at your wits end trying to meet your authoring deadlines, don't forget to take some time to double- and even triple-check your verbiage. Taking a little extra time to clean up typos goes a long, long way in reinforcing the credibility of your Viewlets.

That's it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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