Check for Updates - A Viewleting Best Practice Resolution

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Check for Updates - A Viewleting Best Practice Resolution

Postby vmarm » Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:41 pm

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What is your Viewleting New Year’s resolution? Is it to update all your existing eLearning Viewlets? Is it to create a new batch of Viewlets for your courseware offerings? Great resolutions, but why not start at the beginning with a promise to yourself to ensure you have all the latest Viewlet Authoring tools available to you at all times? You can do this by implementing a Viewlet Authoring ‘best practice’--check for updates.

Thanks to the Qarbon dev team, it’s easy to routinely check for (ViewletBuilder, ViewletQuiz) application updates on a scheduled or random basis. While online, when you launch ViewletBuilder or ViewletQuiz, the app will check your version against the current release and prompt you to update as needed. You can also check for updates quickly via the Help menu.

Click Viewlet Authoring Product Updates to view a video on this topic.


Make a promise to yourself now. Establish the rule of following the Viewleting best practice of routinely checking for product updates. This way, you will have all the resources you need to continually create polished and professionally designed Viewlets for all your eLearning endeavors.

Until next year...
Happy Viewleting!


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