Creating and Customizing Text Hyperlinks

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Creating and Customizing Text Hyperlinks

Postby vmarm » Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:35 am

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As an e-Learning professional, you know how vital it is to provide your students with effective training. This includes follow-up resources to supplement completed courseware as well. You can easily accomplish this using ViewletBuilder7 or ViewletQuiz4 through the effective integration of a few links.

Qarbon’s authoring applications provide the tools for you, the Viewlet Author, to create the opportunities for your trainees to enhance their learning experience with additional resources in a variety of ways. One of the most basic techniques—heralding back to the early days of online education—is via simple text hyperlinks.

To create a simple text hyperlink in ViewletBuilder or ViewletQuiz:

-Highlight the text you want to use as the hyperlink.
-Click the ‘globe’ icon to open the Hyperlink dialog.
-Select the ‘On Click’ tab.
-Click the ‘Add’ (green plus) icon to open the Actions dialog.
-Select an action from the list, such as ‘Display URL’ or ‘Email To’.
-Make additional selections as needed in the screens that appear. These will vary based on the action chosen for the link.
-Click OK to accept the changes and to close all the dialog windows.

Once you’ve created the link, it will display the text as blue and underlined (if this is the default option set in your project’s stylesheet). You are NOT limited to this text style. You can select the hyperlinked text and format it just like any other text in your project.

Want to see this in action? Click Creating and Customizing Text Hyperlinks to view a video on this topic.


Once you nail down these text hyperlink basics, you can build on these skills and creatively incorporate a plethora of resource links within your Viewlets. Follow-up assets via quick clicks are a no-brainer and should be a ‘best practice’ technique for all Viewlet Authoring and eLearning training pros.

Well, that will be it for this blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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