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Live Viewlet Videos - The Hottest New Norm

Postby vmarm » Thu May 10, 2012 9:54 am

The Viewletin
An Inside ‘Take’ on All Things Viewlet
~by ViewletMarm

Where ever you look these days, video training is the hottest ticket in the field of eLearning. No matter if you are the ‘educator’ or the one ‘getting educated’ the quickest vehicle for development and delivery of information is via audio-driven video. The evolution of audio-video training has made big strides over the past decade and Qarbon (an early pioneer in the eLearning arena) continues to ride out in front of its competition with cutting-edge authoring software such as ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz.

Staying true to its ‘ease-of-use’ business model (since the days of Java-applet Viewlets), the Qarbon team developed multiple screen capture options enabling Viewlet Authors to create stunning interactive and audio enhanced Flash videos (Viewlets).

Two of the earliest capture modes include:

Manual Capture: Driven by hotkey clicks, this is the ‘classic’ method for capturing screenshots one-by-one (an old favorite still available to us older die-hard Viewlet Authors).

Learn more about Manual Capture.

Smart Capture: Driven by mouse clicks and key presses, this ‘newer’ method automates the process whereby ViewletBuilder captures all the screenshots for you so you, as the Viewlet Author, can concentrate on just going through the steps for your training demo. Of course, there are also other benefits to this capture mode, such as automatic annotations, but that's a topic for a different discussion.

Learn more about Smart Capture.

Time moves on and eLearning needs change and evolve, as does Qarbon. Introduced with the release of ViewletBuilder7, Qarbon provides the ‘hottest new norm’ for content authoring development in the form of:

Live Capture: This capture mode allows Viewlet Authors to capture what’s happening on their screens in ‘real time’. In addition, unlike the other (older) capture modes, this capture mode allows you to even capture all sounds PLUS voice narration during the actual video capture session (instead of having to add sound clips afterwards when editing the project).


Yes, let’s face it. Video training is the hottest new norm for the development and delivery of how-to and most any type of training these days. Qarbon provides you with the tools to stay ahead of the pack with quick delivery of Viewlet videos, but still allows you the flexibility of using ‘old school’ educational methods such as balloons and notes in place of (or in addition to) audio narration, for example.

Did you know, you can even publish your Viewlet files directly from ViewletBuilder (or ViewletQuiz) to your YouTube and Facebook accounts?

Learn how Qarbon’s ViewletBuilder lets you create fast yet rich audio-visual Flash Viewlet videos by clicking here now!

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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