Macros - "Groovy" Global Editing in Viewlets

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Macros - "Groovy" Global Editing in Viewlets

Postby vmarm » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:24 pm

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Have you ever thought of Viewlets as 'Groovy'? Probably not. But, what comes to mind when you think of the word 'Groovy'? Long hair, flower power, the sixties? Well, the Qarbon development team, while constantly striving to improve efficiencies for Viewlet Authors (using ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz) thought something quite different. You see, in techno terms, 'Groovy' is an object-oriented programming language that can be used as a scripting language for the Java Platform. Okay, forget the jargon, all we non-programmers need to know is that 'Groovy' is the foundation used for a new feature available in ViewletBuilder7 Enterprise and ViewletQuiz4 that helps Viewlet Authors make global editing tasks a breeze.

Qarbon's Viewlet Authoring software (ViewletBuilder7 Enterprise and ViewletQuiz4) now comes pre-installed with a bunch of macros to help Viewlet Authors perform various global editing tasks: (a) with just a few clicks (instead of a multitude of tedious steps) and (b) normally within a few seconds (not long minutes or hours). And, since macros automate editing tasks, there is no room for human error.


Pre-installed macros include: copying selections to all slides/master slides; copying scoring options to all questions; removing all cursors; removing all cursor click sounds; setting all reading speed rules to manual; and more! In fact, if there is something you, as a Viewlet Author, find yourself doing in your project (globally speaking) time after time and think a macro could really make your life easier--you should really consider...


1. Sprucing up on your 'Groovy' scripting skills and write your own macro(s) for use in ViewletBuilder Enterprise or ViewletQuiz4 while creating your Viewlets


2. Contacting the Qarbon development team and letting them know what you need in terms of a macro. If there is enough demand for your macro, then Qarbon will build it for you and provide it to you and other Viewlet Authors in future releases.

Click here to watch a Viewlet on how the new Macros can make your editing tasks easier now.

Macros and Viewlets, ain't they both just 'Groovy'?

Until next time, peace out and...
Happy Viewleting!


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Re: Macros - "Groovy" Global Editing in Viewlets

Postby Rado » Thu Feb 02, 2012 8:40 am

In addition to the stock macros delivered with ViewletBuilder installation, you can also find useful macros here in the Qarbon User Forum. If you have created some new macros, feel free to share them with the community!

Visit the Macros section now.

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