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Teaching Assistance in Viewlets

Postby vmarm » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:20 pm

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The long holiday break is over. Students of all ages/grade levels/areas of major are returning to their studies. Meanwhile, educators are doing their best to prepare effective curriculum worthy of the learning (and e-learning) demands of today. Whether you are a corporate trainer, an elementary or high school teacher, a college or university could use some help, right? Some of you may already have 'teaching assistants' in the form of an intern, support staff, etc., but did you know that you have access to additional 'teaching assistance' right in ViewletBuilder7 and ViewletQuiz4. Best part--it's all for FREE!

New in these products are the enhanced features available to educators and professional trainers in Page Layout. (File > Page Layout)


In previous versions, you had only one choice for Page Layout and that was printing slides. Now, in ViewletBuilder7 and ViewletQuiz4, if your Viewlet contains any Quiz or Survey questions, in Page Layout, for the Layout Type, you can select the 'Question Summary Layout'. This new feature will automatically detect if there are any quiz or survey question slides in your Viewlet and organize JUST these slides for printing.


This makes the task of printing tests, knowledge checks, self assessments, answer keys and other educational aids less of a chore and much more efficient. You now longer have to comb through all your slides to determine which contain quiz questions for printouts, the Viewlet Authoring software does it all for you. And, if you decide last minute you want to use this phenomenal feature while choosing options to publish, you can do so with just a few clicks directly from the 'one stop shop' Printing Wizard (a topic for another blog).

Click here to watch a Viewlet on the new features available in Page Layout.

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